song_a_day_mojo (song_a_day_mojo) wrote,

Matt Pond PA's "Holiday Road"

Day 4 of The 5 Days of Mojo

Matt Pond PA's cover of "Holiday Road"

Another "new" holiday song that was sprung on me. My roommate left a cd with 150 holiday themed songs he had found for a mix by my door this morning, and the most unexpected gem on the disc was this track. I have always loved the Lindsey Buckingham original (best known as the theme song from National Lampoon's Vacation). This version, though, is something completely different. Matt Pond PA has managed to take an 80's summer anthem and turn it into a legitimate holiday track.

I love good cover songs, but especially ones where the covering artist finds something new to add to the track. Keeping the energy of the original, but adding a quality that makes the cover uniquely your own. This cover is the very definition of that formula. The song lends itself so well to a winter theme that I am amazed no one has done this before. It is a beautifully arranged and performed version, and I'll be damned if they didn't throw in a little pedal steel guitar just to completely reel me in. Yet another song that I didn't expect to to put on this list, but one that completely deserves it's place.

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