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Stars' "What The Snowman Learned About Love"

As I get older Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Where as a kid it was more about presents, as an adult it's now about family. I spend more time trying to find the perfect gifts for my parents, sisters, and sweetheart than I do thinking about what I want, and the closer Christmas gets, the more and more excited I get to go home and see my family. It has gone from a somewhat material day to a peaceful and emotional one, and I look forward to the week I get to spend at home each year more that I look forward to just about anything. There is one thing about Christmas, however, that I have always hated... the music. Carols and standards and blah blah blah. There are very few that have ever stuck with me, and I tend to find most of the songs popular artists release during christmas as soul less. I could go into the origins my deep rooted distaste of holiday music, but that is not what this is about. Over the years I have found a few holiday songs that I enjoy. Even if they aren't about Christmas directly, they are seasonally themed in some way, and they are the things I want to hear while opening presents and playing games with my family. So, my good friends, I give to you The 5 Days Of Mojo! 5 holiday-ish songs to help start a new tradition of music.

Stars' "What The Snowman Learned About Love"

I love this song. In fact, this may be my favorite Stars song. All synth and acoustic guitar and awesome. And yes, I realize that, "snowman" aside, this isn't much of a holiday song. But to me the music invokes pictures of snow covered hills. Trudging through the powder, holding hands. Sitting bundled up by the window watching the white drift from the sky to the ground. This makes me think of winter, and winter makes me think of home, and to me home and Christmas are one in the same. To me, this is a carol at it's best.

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