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Death Cab For Cutie's "Your Heart Is An Empty Room"

Death Cab For Cutie's "Your Heart Is An Empty Room"

Like many of the wonderful things in my life, I was introduced to Death Cab by my lady, Heidi. She played "We Have The Facts We're Voting Yes" for me right after I moved to LA, and I fell in love with the sound immediately. Like I've said, I like the whiny, visual, rock your self to sleep brand of indie pop, so Death Cab shot to the top of my favorites list very quickly. Damn they can write a song! And damn they can whine! It's great.

The funny thing about Death Cab for me, however, is how long it take for an album to grow on me. I was quickly hooked by "We Have The Facts...", but not impressed by "The Photo Album". Then I started to listen to that more, and the more I listened the more it bonded with me. Same for Transatlantisicm. It's never that I don't like the album, just that I always found myself saying "Well, their last one was better". But then I would listen and listen and something new would click for me. Despite sharing a trademark sound, each of Death Cab's albums is very different, and each displays a progression in their music. "Plans" took the longest for me to get into. I had had the album for a year before it really started to grow on me, but when it did I was hooked.

"Your Heart Is An Empty Room" is the song that brought me back to Plans. It was featured in the trailer for The Science Of Sleep, a movie which I was very excited for this year. I started listening to the song on repeat, which led to listening to the songs around it, and eventually to the whole album. Had I discovered it last year when the album came out it probably would have made my top 10 songs of the year list. Instead it will have to be content to be on the list as one of my most played songs in 2006.

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