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Mylo's "Drop The Pressure"

Mylo's "Drop The Pressure"

During my last two years of high school and first year and a half of college I was pretty into electronic music. I remember telling my parents I was staying at a friends and instead going to some of the big traveling raves that were popular in the late 90's. Skylab, Thunderdome, Zeitgeist. It was like being part of some secret club. You would buy your ticket and get a phone number to call at 7:00. The message at the other end of the number would give you directions to a warehouse of farm, and the rave contained within would go until dawn. I was never into the drug scene at these raves (that phase came later in my life), but I loved the music and the people. At some point, however, the electronic music coming out just seemed to loose it's originality and power, and I moved on to different interests.

One of my roommates is kind of obsessive. He'll find something he likes and completely immerse himself in it until he either gets bored of it or finds something else to draw is attention. His current obsession is electronic music, and his level of commitment to the obsession is such that he went out and bought a full DJ setup so he could learn how to spin. The great thing about having an obsessive roommate is that he likes to share what he is into, and so I get to discover tons of new music, authors, movies, and distractions through him. Since he is into electronic music, I have been exposed to all kinds of new artists and forms that weren't around when I was into the scene 10 years ago. There is still some stuff I don't dig, but there is also a lot of it that reminds me why I liked the genre so much when I was younger.

Mylo is a great example of the things that got me excited about electronic music. The solid beat, pulsing rhythm, and hook that gets locked into your brain for days on end. There is a genuine energy to well produced electronic and dance music that is hard to duplicate in any other format, an energy that borders on euphoric if you really take the time to listen to it. Even though I'm not much of a dancer, it doesn't take a lot to see why so many people spend their saturday nights seeking out the clubs and DJs who spin great electronic and dance music. It is a fun, bold, and careless medium, and while there is a lot of room for error in a type of music build to strongly off of repetition and cycles, there is something about it in the hands of a great musical or DJ that gives it a life of it's own.

It is exciting to hear that something I enjoyed so much when I was younger has seemed to grow up and get better with me. And while I'm not going to replace my current playlists what all electronic music, it is cool that it has made it back into my listening rotation.

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