December 6th, 2006

Ghostface's "Biscuits"

Ghostface's "Biscuits"

I had a totally different song in mind for today, but then I got into the office and started listening to the Wu-Tang. No matter what I listened to afterwords, I had Ghostface's flow stuck in my head, so my listening went from it's normal, whiny, curl up in a ball indie rotation to all Pretty Toney all the time.

I am a huge fan of good sampling. When a producer nails a hook it is electrifying. The beats get the head bobbing while the loops pull you into the song. Ghostface always has mind blowing hooks. Tracks that make you move along with them even without you noticing. They are groves that you feel as much as you hear, and I have absolute an absolute respect for those that can take existing elements and give them a life of their own. "Biscuits" hooks are damn close to perfect, especially when Ghostface lays his flow over them.

The thing about Ghostface that I have always respected is how tight his flow is without sacrificing any of his own character. I have always believed that the best MCs are the ones who know that the flow is as much a compliment to the hook as the hook is to the flow. I feel that Ghostface completely understands this, not trying to overshadow the instruments, but to make them pop even louder with his style and vocal breakdown. Obviously the message is in the lyrics, but he knows that the hooks will further his words if he works with them, not against them. You never feel like he is rapping just to rap, but doing it to create a complete musical experience. The flow, the lyrics, the beat, the hooks, each one spot on in complimenting the other.

Anyone who still thinks hip-hop is not a "musical" art form need only listen to the complexities and skill in "Biscuits" to be proved wrong.

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