December 4th, 2006

Junior Boys' "In The Morning"

Just to clarify, my Song-A-Day project is designed to be a Monday through Friday endeavor. Saturday's will find the weekly Throwdown poll posted, in which you the reader can voice your opinion as to which of my weekly picks was your favorite. Sunday the theater sits dark. The first week was a lot of fun and I can't wait to keep on going, so with that in mind I proudly present...

Junior Boys' "In The Morning"

There are certain sounds that I am a complete sucker for. Arpegiation in a minor key is a huge one. So are xylophone/vibraphone/bell sounds (both synthesized and real). Add to that rhythmic guitar parts that primarily consist of only 2 notes (I don't know how to describe that any better) and a solid beat that uses breathing and voice as an instrument. My favorite instrumental sound ever is the perfectly played wail of a pedal steel guitar, but that's a damn hard one to pull off.

The pedal steel is the only one fo those that can't be found in "In The Morning". It was as if the Junior Boys said "Hey, what do you think would make that Chris guy totally fucking love our song.", and then they did it.

I was first introduced to Junior Boys by one of my roommates who is big into what he calls "dance music for white people". After one listen to their first album "Last Exit", I was sold. Their new album "So This Is Goodbye" is a serious contender for my best albums of 2006 list, with "In The Morning" leading a charge on my best songs list. They are talented and fun as hell to listen to, embodying all of what is good about electronic music without embracing the cliches.

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